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Jeff Barnes

* A Bad Man in a Better Place: Jesse James in Nebraska   The notorious Jesse James typically isn’t thought of in connection with Nebraska... but he was here. Nebraska was where the outlaw could find family and friends. It was where he could plan amazing robberies, make a recovery or an escape, and even sit for his most famous photograph. Jeff shares what’s known of the truth, the fiction, and the legend of Jesse James in Nebraska.

* Sand Hills and Sandlots - The amazing story of how a small town made the big leagues! Rushville, Nebraska, population 1,200, once found itself as the home of the Milwaukee Braves' annual baseball school, producing a southpaw pitcher who once struck out Mickey Mantle. The town's ball park recently finished a complete restoration, building to create another 75 years of baseball heritage.

Writer / Humanities Speaker / Independent Historian

* Nebraska's Landmark Buildings   From the first trader cabins through the skyscrapers of today, the buildings of Nebraska tell the story of the state.  Jeff presents many of the buildings that have survived the decades, the architects who designed them, and the communities and people who used them.  Additionally, Barnes will also feature local landmarks for each community presentation.

* Buffalo Bill's Nebraska - He was born, raised and died in other states, but Nebraska is where William F. Cody LIVED. Find how the Cornhusker State helped turn Buffalo Bill from an army scout into perhaps the world's first superstar. 

The Buffalo Bill Mysteries - Buffalo Bill passed away a century ago but he left some mysteries behind regarding his last buffalo, his Medal of Honor, his burial wishes, and more. Can you take a crack at solving them?

* The Forts of Nebraska – A 200-year history of the twelve military forts of the state, including the first and last built for the Plains Indian Wars.

The Forts of the Dakota Territory – Ten military posts, all tied to the Lakota people, in a 150-year history.
The Forts of Wyoming – From trails to rails, from fur-trading to intense fighting, these ten posts saw it all.
Lost Forts of the Northern Plains – Seven forts on the precipice of disappearing forever. Can their memory be saved?

* Custer in Nebraska: The Royal Buffalo Hunt of 1872 – George Custer, Buffalo Bill, and the Grand Duke of Russia in one of the most famous big-game hunts of all time.

Custer in the Dakotas: Last Campaigns of a Legend – Wild game, Badlands, and Black Hills gold were all part of the last three years of Custer's life in the territory.

Custer in Kansas: Breaking in the Boy General – How the state of Kansas turned a Civil War hero into a disgraced commander and finally the most famous Indian fighter on the Plains.

* To Live and Die on the Plains - A review of the many ways one could “buy the farm” in crossing the emigrant trails of the Great Plains.

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